Men and women (all ages)
Saturday (3rd week)
8am start time
Leader David Lewis

Are you someone with handyman skills? Can you cut grass and trim hedges?
How about raking leaves or edging a curb?

The North Men of Acts (MOA) are Spirit-filled men and women of God fulfilling the mandate of Christ to serve the widows, single parents, elderly, disabled of our congregation and nearby community by providing labor for one-day handyman jobs.

MOA does not work on any new construction projects, structural projects, or ongoing maintenance projects.

If you would like to join Men of Acts, email us a

Need Assistance

Need help raking those leaves or have a small repair job that you’ve been putting off? Men of Acts may be able to meet your need.


MOA Request Policy and Guidelines

  • Time required to complete projects cannot exceed one workday, unless prior approval has been obtained.
  • MOA agrees to supply its labor and the recipient agrees to assist MOA by providing any able-bodied residents of recipient’s household to participate on the project.
  • The recipient will supply any and all necessary materials (as able). Occasionally some work related material may be available.
  • MOA will schedule approved work in accordance with MOA schedule guidelines.
  • All request for work must be submitted by written application and processed through the North church office and will be performed on a first-come,first-serve basis.
  • Recipients of assistance must sign a Waiver of Liability.
  • MOA reserves the right to decline any request.
  • Abuse of service, inappropriate contact or interaction with MOA and/or its members will result in withdrawal from a project.
  • If rain or other cause prevents work to be performed on the scheduled day, this request will be resubmitted for the next monthly workday.
  • MOA reserves the right to add to and/or revise guidelines and policies at any time.

“As you have done it unto the least of these … you have done it unto me.”

— Matthew 25:40