Missionaries Ramon and Elba Roldan

In 1996 Ramon and Elba founded Templo Sinai in Montevideo, Uruguay, with eight members. Since that time, they have cared for and loved the church and have seen it grow to over 200 members. God has used them to impact their community and nation through outreach, pastoral training, vibrant youth and children’s ministries, and powerful worship services.

In 2020 Sinai moved to a new location where their vision is to expand their community outreach by adding soccer fields, a coffee shop, a park and other unconventional offerings at which the community will be welcomed to the property and have the opportunity to encounter the radical love of God through the people of Sinai.

More about Ramon and Elba

Ramon and Elba Roldan were married on July 19, 1975 in Montevideo, Uruguay, after which they attended the Theological Institute in Chaco, Argentina, for two years. Upon completion, they began pastoring a church in Montevideo. Later they helped form the National Youth Department for Uruguay and were the first National Youth Leaders for the country. They have pastored several churches and have planted four churches including Templo Sinai.

About Uruguay

Uruguay is on the southeast coast of South America and Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, chief port, and by far its largest city, is in the southern part of the country. Eastern Montevideo is the fastest growing area of the country and only a small proportion of the middle and upper classes have had the gospel presented to them in a clear way. The middle class neighborhoods in eastern Montevideo hold the greatest concentration of unreached people in Latin America.

Spiritual Strongholds

  • Witchcraft
  • Poverty
  • Socialism

Prayer Needs

  • Strength, unity and growth in the church
  • Protection for the pastors and leaders
  • Revival in the church in Uruguay

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