Missionaries in Russia

We partner with a family that has pastored a church in Russia since 1996. In the years since its founding, this church is a beacon of hope and life to the people in the area. They have raised up pastors and planted churches in Ozersk, Nesterov, Krasnosnamensk, and Kaliningrad, and are seeking to plant churches in Kazakhstan and the Caucasus region of the former Soviet Union.

The church ministers the love of God to the people in their area through evangelistic and humanitarian outreach to orphanages, shelters, a babies’ home, as well as to the homeless, elderly, and disabled. Through their internet radio ministry, they are able to reach into many homes that would not otherwise have access to the Gospel.

We have been privileged to partner with this family since 2000.

More about this family

They were married in the late 80s and lived in Kaliningrad. A few years later, after the miraculous healing of their first child, both received Christ and their lives were transformed. After graduating from Bible college in 1993, they were ordained as pastors.

About Kaliningrad, Russia

The Kaliningrad Region is the western most region of the Russian Federation and is located on the Baltic Sea. The region is best known for its deposit of amber, but is also known for its oil, gas, and salt and is a well-known health resort area. Population of the region is 955,000.

Spiritual Strongholds

  • The controlling spirit of religion
  • Spirit of paganism
  • Spirit of division

Prayer Needs

  • Recent church plants
  • Churches being planted
  • Gusev church revival and growth
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