We are partnering with an Iraqi missionary who co-pastors a house church of over 250 members and leads an organization of church planters that have seen many Muslims and Yazidis become followers of Jesus Christ in recent months.

He and his team of church planters work primarily with refugees, meeting their physical needs and sharing the Gospel to make disciples and plant churches among unreached and unengaged people groups. They are presently engaged in many towns, villages and refugee camps with 67 churches.

Their strategy is to go village to village in the Dohuk Province and Ninevah Province where the unreached and unengaged people groups are living. Their goal is a church in every village in their geographic region in the next three years, reaching every unreached people group and every unengaged people group. These are people and places where the Gospel has not yet been heard.

They encounter great diversity in the refugee camps as they minister to displaced peoples from many ethnic groups that follow different religions. Among the represented religions, Islam dominates with 70% of the population.

More About Our Missionary

He was born in Dohuk, Northern Iraq and came to Christ around age 20. He was trained and discipled by a local man and began pastoring in 1995. He has planted churches all over Northern Iraq from the Iranian border to the Syrian/Turkish Border and operates bookstores and Christian radio stations in that area.

About Northern Iraq

As a result of the ISIS onslaught, an estimated 3.5 million refugees have fled to northern Iraq, creating a severe humanitarian crisis. The conflict targets Muslims as well as Christians and Yazidi from Syria and Iraq, so many families are fleeing their homes rather than face possible death.

Spiritual Strongholds

  • Spirit of Islam
  • Poverty
  • Prejudice

Prayer Needs

  • Presence of the Holy Spirit
  • Protection and safety
  • Provision
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