Our North missionaries in China minister in the underground Christian church in Beijing. In the face of less than favorable conditions, they are tireless in their effort to see the gospel spread to every part of their nation. They say their need is truly like the scripture in which Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few” (Matthew 9:37 ESV).

They oversee 25 churches in Beijing and travel to ten provinces and Mongolia where they do church planting training and discipleship training. They also train hundreds of leaders in these areas who, in turn, oversee other churches. Their hunger for the Word of God is insatiable and they listen intently to the teaching and preaching for several hours a day. Many of the pastors have suffered horrific persecution for the crime of being Christians. Please pray for God’s grace, provision, and protection for these men and women as they continue to spread the good news of the Gospel in the face of danger.

About China

Many of the pastors and lay-ministers have suffered horrific persecutions for the crime of being Christians.

Spiritual Strongholds

  • Corruption, injustice, poverty & control in a communistic government.
  • Buddhism, and other cult religions as well as atheism.
  • Hopelessness

Prayer Needs

  • The new church plants
  • For more pastors and workers to reap the harvest
  • For the believers suffering through persecution
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