Making Plans

Weddings are a God-ordained institution, and Mount Paran North would like to help everything run smoothly during this special time in your lives. Proper planning will help the ceremony come off smoothly and allow you to relax and enjoy the marriage celebration.

Wedding Coordinator

All weddings held at North are required to be coordinated through the Wedding Coordinator. Kathy can be reached at the church at 678.285.3216. She meets with clients on an appointment basis. She is here to plan your wedding day and ceremony and to reserve the needed equipment and facilities.

Bride’s Guide and Wedding Agreement

North is pleased to offer its facility and staff for the celebration of your marriage. The staff desires to provide you with all necessary assistance in order for your wedding to be a relaxed and meaningful event, which glorifies God.

The church areas available for weddings are in the Sanctuary, and receptions are held in the Watkins Chapel. These facility areas are available for members and non-members of North.

By definition, a “Member” is someone who has formally joined Mount Paran North Church, and whose name appears on our Membership Database with a corresponding member number.

“Member Fees” are offered to the bride, the groom, or one of their parents. “All Fees” are due one (1) month prior to the wedding.


  Members Non-members
Wedding Only    
Sanctuary $350 $750
Watkins Chapel N/C (Receptions) $500
Sanctuary and Chapel $350 $1,000
Rehearsal Dinners Only    
Watkins Chapel N/C $350

Additional Fees (Applicable to Members and Non-members)

Additional Time (any room) $100/hr  
Kitchen Attendant $100 (if not using North caterer)
Linens for Tables $4/ea  
Candles for Candelabras $1/ea (30 or 60 count)  

* All fees are subject to change.

Fee Policy

A non-refundable $100.00 deposit is required to make the facility reservation. This deposit is applied to the total rental amount due. In the event that the wedding should be postponed or canceled, North returns all fees, except the non-refundable deposit of $100.00.

Scheduling Regulations

Weddings are required to be scheduled at least three (3) months prior to the wedding date.
Because of heavy church programming, weddings or rehearsals may not be held on Sunday, holidays, or the month of December. Holidays are those days the church offices are closed for the observance of a holiday.
Weddings will not be scheduled that conflict with any worship service or event involving the membership as a whole.

Every effort will be made to avoid scheduling church-wide activities in conflict with your wedding. Changes may be necessary if your scheduled wedding date is more than six (6) months away. This is an extremely rare occurrence and every effort will be made by the church staff to avoid this conflict.
The beginning times of all wedding ceremonies are between 11am and 6pm There must be a minimum of four (4) hours between any two weddings and a minimum of six (6) hours between receptions. The first wedding scheduled will be the determining point for the required hourly separation.

A nursery room may be scheduled for the wedding and/or reception. Reservations are made through the Wedding Coordinator at least one (1) month before the wedding. Only certified North nursery workers may be used.

Time Frames

North is host to many weddings each year. Each wedding is very special. To protect each wedding, as you want yours to be protected, a specific block of time will be allotted per wedding and reception. All activities for the rehearsal, wedding and reception must be completed within the specified time allotted.

    Each rehearsal is allotted one (1) hour. The Wedding Coordinator will schedule the time for your rehearsal.

    Each wedding with a reception at the church is allotted five (5) hours, beginning two (2) hours before the ceremony.

    Each wedding without a reception at the church is allotted four (4) hours, beginning two (2) hours before the ceremony.

The allotted times include time for:

  • Wedding party to dress for the wedding and for travel.
  • Caterer and florist to decorate and clean up.
  • Photographer and/or videographer to set up and take all photographs.

The bride, in consultation with the Wedding Coordinator, will determine how the allotted time for her wedding will be utilized.

Wedding Policy

North believes that marriage is a covenant under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and if both parties do not adhere to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, a covenant is not possible.

Wedding ceremonies begin ON TIME at North. The bride is responsible to let all of the wedding party, guests, and vendors know this and act accordingly. No wedding will be delayed waiting on someone to arrive.

Smoking is not permitted.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises. Any member of the wedding party or any guest who brings alcoholic beverages or controlled substances on the property, or who attempts to serve alcoholic beverages or controlled substances in any form, will be removed from the property immediately. If a member of the wedding party does not respect this policy, he/she will not be permitted to participate in the rehearsal or the wedding.

No dancing is allowed on the church premises.

No rice, confetti, birdseed, silly string, shaving cream, toilet paper, etc. may be thrown anywhere in the church building or on the church grounds. Bubbles are suggested and these are to be used outdoors. The wedding party is responsible to clean up anything that falls off the couple’s car.

Food and beverages are not allowed in the Sanctuary.

All areas used by the wedding party must be cleaned up of all personal belongings immediately following the ceremony. It is the bride’s responsibility to make sure all areas are left in order.

Deliveries must be scheduled in advance and must be made in the bride’s allotted time frame. All deliveries are the responsibility of the bride.

No flower petals are to be thrown.

The church is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Audio and visual equipment and platforms at North are off limits to all. Equipment and platforms should not be climbed on or moved by anyone.

Only those rooms reserved by the bride are to be used by the wedding party, family, and guests during and after the wedding.

Children are not allowed to take any paper items out of the pew or information racks in the church. Preparation for Sunday church is often begun on Saturday and this information must be left in the pews and information racks.

All wedding party, family, and guests are to behave in an orderly and respectful manner both within and outside the church. Running and roughhousing within the church is not allowed.

Each bride will have one (1) person who will maintain the above policies during her allotted time at the church and who will also be available to the Wedding Coordinator to help communicate messages between the bride, wedding party, and the Wedding Coordinator on the day of the wedding.

Rules Regarding Child Attendants

Children can play a special part in your wedding. However, it has been a concern that very young children, under eight (8) years old, can sometimes be overwhelmed during the excitement of the wedding day. North requires, for the safety of the children, that child attendants be at least eight (8) years old to stand with the wedding party. Children under eight (8) years old may walk down the aisle during the processional, but must be seated with an adult once they walk down the aisle.

Wedding Planning Suggestions

Call Mount Paran North’s Wedding Coordinator

North has a Wedding Coordinator on staff who will work with the bride in reserving facilities, making wedding plans, coordinating plans with the Church Operations department and where applicable, with pastors or other staff who may take part in the wedding. If, desired, the Wedding Coordinator will also direct the rehearsal and wedding.

The Wedding Coordinator directs the bride and her vendors (florist, photographer, videographer, caterer, etc.) in their use of the MPN facilities, assures all policies and procedures are met, and coordinates the bride’s ceremony between the pastor, our Audio department, Operations department, and the wedding party.

The bride may choose to employ, at her expense, an outside Wedding Director. The church’s Wedding Coordinator will serve as a consultant to the employed Director, be present for the rehearsal and the wedding, and have final authority in all matters concerning the use of the facilities and policies of MPN.
All weddings held at MPN require a Wedding Director to conduct the rehearsal and the wedding. Only experienced Wedding Directors are allowed.

Where a pastor of MPN is performing the ceremony, our Wedding Coordinator will take his role in the rehearsal.

Request Your Date and Time

Call the Wedding Coordinator’s Office and request your preferred date. It may be necessary to request an alternate date if your first choice is not available. Dates are assigned, as they are requested, not more than one church year in advance.

Set up an appointment to come in and tour the church with the Wedding Coordinator. This is a good opportunity to ask preliminary questions, get a look at the church through “bride’s eyes” and generally get some direction as to how to proceed with your plans.

Confidentiality is assured through the Wedding Coordinator’s office, so it is suggested that you reserve your date as soon as possible. Any requests for space or time in addition to what the church already sets aside for weddings must be requested and reserved through the Wedding Coordinator.

Reserve Your Date and Time

The Wedding Coordinator and bride and/or groom will complete all paperwork for the reservation. The Wedding Coordinator will send the reservation request to the Operations department, the Audio department, the pastor performing the ceremony (if other than the Senior Pastor), and the Senior Pastor’s office.

Upon the Operations department logging the requested date and time onto the church calendar, the Wedding Coordinator will notify the couple. The couple will then pay the deposit, and then the specified date, time, and rooms are reserved.

Schedule Your Rehearsal

All weddings in the Sanctuary, in the Watkins Chapel, or which have more than four (4) people in the wedding party, require a Rehearsal. Rehearsal blocks are in one (1) hour increments. In an effort of fairness to all parties involved, rehearsal times are assigned by the Wedding Coordinator based on space availability and in the order that reservations are made.

Infrequently, the Sanctuary is in use for a function on Friday nights. In this case, the rehearsal will be held in the Watkins Chapel, if available. The couple will be notified if this is the case. On the day of the wedding, the wedding party will go through a quick rehearsal in the Sanctuary 1.5 hours prior to the wedding, so as to be thoroughly comfortable with their roles.

Scheduling the Pastor

North pastors are available to officiate weddings. The Wedding Coordinator will contact the pastor of your choice and coordinate a date and time when the pastor and facility are available. As our pastors’ activities and schedules are often set months in advance, flexibility as to the wedding date and time may be required.

Pastors or ministers from other churches within the evangelical Christian denomination may officiate your ceremony at our facility, per approval from North’s Senior Pastor. Outside pastors must meet the state requirements of licensure.

North pastors wear dark suits or black robes. Notify the Wedding Coordinator of which you would prefer. Normally a dark suit is worn for the less formal weddings and a robe for formal weddings.

Pastoral Honorarium
No official fee is set for the pastor who officiates at a couple’s wedding. An honorarium is customary, and the couple will want to discuss the honorarium with the Wedding Coordinator. The facility fee does not include any payment to the pastor.

Schedule and Complete Premarital Counseling

Because of the scriptural emphasis placed on the marriage commitment, MPN desires to help prepare couples for a lasting marriage.
Therefore, all couples who schedule our facility for their wedding ceremony and who use our pastors are required to have premarital counseling. The pastor’s Administrative Assistant will contact the couple to set up their premarital counseling. Failure to attend or complete the counseling with the pastor will result in cancelation of the North facilities for your wedding.

Select Your Musician(s) and Music

Music used in connection with the ceremony should be in keeping with the dignity and sacredness of the wedding service. Suggestions of appropriate music for the processional, recessional and vocal music can be obtained through the Wedding Coordinator.

If the couple needs a pianist for their ceremony, the Wedding Coordinator can supply them with a Vendors List to choose from. Each music person used is a separate contract between the bride and groom and that person. Their services are not included in the facility fees. It is the bride and groom’s responsibility to contact their musician(s) and find out their fees. Their checks should be made payable to the respective musician. The Wedding Coordinator will get these checks from you, unless stated otherwise, the night of the rehearsal and distribute them the day of the wedding. Musicians DO NOT attend rehearsals. If a vocalist(s) needs to practice with a pianist or with a track, they should be at the church one (1) hour prior to the wedding.

Get Your Marriage License

Marriage licenses are obtained from a County’s Probate Judge. Bring the marriage license and return envelope to the rehearsal and give it to the Wedding Coordinator. She will prepare it for the pastor’s signature, will have the pastor sign it on the wedding day, and then will mail it to the Probate Court.

Other Information

Audio Visual

Sound amplification will be necessary for all weddings. Technicians DO NOT attend rehearsals. Vocalists and speakers are requested to meet with the Audio Technician one (1) hour prior to the wedding. The sound system is to be operated by church personnel only.

The bride must finalize her audio requests at least two (2) weeks prior to the wedding.
The Wedding Coordinator has a list of professional videographers the bride may choose from. It is the bride’s responsibility to communicate her desires with the videographer of her choosing.

Available Church Equipment

Microphones are provided as needed for musicians and pastors. If track music is used, each one must be on its own individual CD. Bring any tracks to be used in the ceremony to the Wedding Coordinator at least two (2) weeks prior to the wedding date.

The church provides tables and chairs needed for your reception and/or rehearsal dinner. The Wedding Coordinator and the couple will decide how they will be set up and then submit a set-up form to the Operations department. In addition, the church has candelabras, kneeling benches, and a unity candelabra available. The church also provides the mechanical cased candles (fee for the candle inserts listed on the fee page) to be used in the candelabras.

The church also has table linens. (See “Mount Paran North Wedding Fees” on page 2.) Arrangements for these must be made through the Wedding Coordinator at least two (2) weeks before your wedding.

Caterer Guidelines

It is the bride’s responsibility to find and reserve the caterer of her choice. The Wedding Coordinator has a list of caterers (Vendors List) for the bride to choose from, if desired.

A diagram of table/chair placement, audio needs, gift table and any other special requirements for each Reception and/or Rehearsal Dinner will be developed between the Wedding Coordinator, bride, and the caterer. This diagram must be completed two (2) weeks prior to the wedding if the event will take place at the church.

Photographer / Videographer Guidelines

No flash photography is allowed, during the wedding ceremony itself; this includes wedding guests. The processional and recessional may be photographed using a flash. Photographers may not pass the white columns closest to the Sanctuary stage.

Timed exposures from the rear of the room or from the balcony are permitted during the ceremony. Shutter noises are to be kept to a minimum.

Photographers may have access to the church as early as two (2) hours prior to the wedding. They must leave the Sanctuary/Watkins Chapel at least 45 minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony. Photography shall not interfere with musicians’ coordination with audio nor with practice of Honored Guests seating. Photographs may be taken outside until 30 minutes prior to the wedding ceremony. At this time all wedding parties are to go to their assigned rooms until the ceremony time.

Photographers and videographers are cautioned about marring furniture. They must take off their shoes if they stand on pews to take pictures. No equipment should be placed on pews or furniture.

Videotaping is allowed provided the equipment does not distract from the ceremony, impede the movement of the wedding party or a guest or damage the facilities. Generally, the best location for videotaping is from the choir loft. As with still photography, cameras must remain behind the choir rail, balcony, or side areas during the ceremony. Videotaping must be done without the addition of special lighting.

Florist Guidelines

Florists are required to consult with the church’s Wedding Coordinator before any placement of decorations in the church.

Only mechanical candles may be used. Wax candles may NOT be used in weddings. Hurricane globes must be used on all candelabras outside the altar area. The only exception to this would be the Unity Candle in which case, wax candles may be used. The bride will be held responsible for any damage done by wax that drops or is spilled on carpet or furniture.

Florists may have access to the church as early as two (2) hours prior to the wedding.
The floor, carpet, walls, and furnishings must be respected and protected in the placement of flowers and other decorations. Decorations must not be hung from fixtures or furnishings.

No tape, nails, pins, staples or screws shall be used in decorating. Only plastic pew clips or ribbon may be used to attach pew bows. The bride/florist is responsible for providing pew bows for the Honored Guests’ seating. The Wedding Coordinator will work with the bride in determining how many are required for her specific wedding.

Flowers may not be placed on musical instruments. North assumes no responsibility for floral arrangements remaining on the premises after the allotted time.

The florist will be responsible for all decorating. Removal of all decorations must be made immediately following the wedding and must be completed within the time allotted for the wedding one (1) hour after the beginning time of the ceremony.

The chairs in the choir loft and the plants are NOT to be removed.