The health and well-being of your child is extremely important to us. We appreciate your partnership in following these guidelines to ensure a safe and happy stay at North.

Check-in and Pick-up

From the parking lot, families with children are encouraged to enter the right side of the building at the Quest sign entrance. Our kids guest services team will greet you and have you fill out the North Kids Registration form. Or register now by clicking the link below!

You will receive matching security tags for you and your child. Please let the individual teacher know of any information that will help in caring for your children such as dietary restriction, feeding times, sleeping times, allergies etc.

Snacks are offered on Sunday based on age and length of stay. View Snack Details.
IMPORTANT: We do not allow peanut-based snacks in the Kids area.

Guest services will escort you to the classroom and then to the sanctuary. If you are needed for any reason, you will receive a text. At pickup time, please proceed back to your child’s classroom with your security tag. We will not release a child without a matching tag number.



We strive to keep our environments clean, sanitary, and healthy.

For the safety and health of all our kids and ministry volunteers, parents are asked to NOT leave their child if they have any of the following symptoms: a fever, skin rash, vomiting, discolored nasal discharge, pinkeye, or diarrhea.

We request that all volunteers and children are free from all such symptoms for 24 hours before entering the Children’s Ministry area.


Snacks are provided during Sunday service for children in the Nursery and Preschool area (under the age of 5).

For children attending the Kindergarten through 5th Grade services, a snack is provided if the child is attending more than one service. Occasionally, we have a snack activity that is part of the lesson or special day.

We try to avoid common allergens; however, please let the teacher know if you have special dietary restrictions. You may provide a snack of your own as long as it is peanut-free.