Our Cuba missionaries send monthly support to Christian pastors in Cuba, which is disbursed directly to them by the native Cuban missionaries on the ground. With this aid, the pastors are able to meet the basic needs of their families, evangelize, serve the elderly, and bring the children of their communities the hope and peace of Christ.

Under the communist regime, the Cuban people have been denied the light of Christ for 50 years, causing the darkness to affect them in almost all aspects of life. The pastors are the true beacons of hope for the Cuban people. Sharing the Gospel and aiding these pastors in leading souls to God’s eternal salvation is the goal.

Because most of these pastors had become not only self-sufficient, but also reproducing, our missionaries were led to focus their efforts on purchasing small buildings to be used as house churches for the second and third generation church plants that grew out of the original alliance. North currently supports 33 pastors and leaders.

About Cuba

In central Cuba, an island nation in the Caribbean, Camagüey is a city with a population of about 375,000, and is the nation’s third largest city. In 1959, Cuba was taken over by the Communist regime led by Fidel Castro. All religion was banned until 1997. This has opened the door for Santeria, hopelessness, moral degradation, fear and despair.

Spiritual Strongholds

  • Corruption, injustice, poverty and control
  • Santeria, witchcraft and Atheism
  • Hopelessness, division and moral degradation

Prayer Needs

  • Protection for pastors and missionaries
  • New prison ministries
  • Continued access to prisons

For more information on Cuba, please visit http://www.operationworld.org/cuba.

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