Missionaries Malan and Elmarie Moolman

Malan and Elmarie have been working fulltime in the mission field since 1994. Ministering among some of the poorest people in South Africa, they are driven and motivated by both the spiritual and physical needs of the people.

Through their pastoral training program, Community Bible School, in Sekororo, Malan is training pastors to meet the needs of the anticipated spiritual growth of the coming years. Their desire is to reach each village of the Sekororo region with a church, a school, and a well. With that in mind, several churches have been constructed, wells drilled, a home built for a local Pastor, and several schools have been built, but there is much more work to be done.

Founded by Malan and Elmarie in 2002, The Crossroads Foundation raises funds for the development of the region, focusing on family, community, and church advancement. Their vision and impact is vast and continually growing as they seek to see God glorified and His people living in freedom.

The Moolman Family

More about Malan and Elmarie

In the 1990’s, Malan was senior pastor at a local church in Tzaneen when God gave him and Elmarie a word that their ministry was going to change drastically. Three months later, after God confirmed it in many ways, they moved 100 miles away to a completely different world, and since that time have been in full-time mission work. God had put a love in their hearts for the people of the area years earlier, and Malan spent his summer breaks from Bible school working there.

About Sekororo, South Africa

Sekororo is a community in the northeastern part of South Africa, 300 miles northeast of Johannesburg. The community covers 960 square miles, representing 400,000 people. The spiritual condition is dark, with ancestral worship being common and only 48 Bible-believing churches.

Spiritual Strongholds

  • Witch doctors
  • Ancestral spirits
  • Prayer Needs

  • Spiritual and physical health for the family
  • Local churches and pastors
  • Pastors to stand against spiritual strongholds
  • For more information on South Africa, please visit http://www.operationworld.org/sout.

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