Missionaries Roger and Deb De Pedro

Roger and Deb pastor the church they planted in Po Peyl Village near Siem Reap. They disciple new believers through Bible teaching, home Bible studies, and modeling Christ-like living through friendships and fellowship with the villagers. Through this, they are raising up the next generation of Cambodian church leaders. Roger and Deb combat poverty with quality education and life skills, and impact Cambodian families through teaching and modeling biblical values believing God to see generations changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    “We believe that true community development happens when the seed of Christ’s love is sown into the heart, that spiritual transformation will transform communities on all levels. Our mission is to demonstrate and share the love of Christ through word and deed. Our vision is to see churches planted in every village, established on a strong foundation of the Word of God, empowering and equipping each one to share the good news with their neighboring villages.”

Roger and Deb De Pedro

More About Roger and Deb

Roger and Deb are from the Philippines where Roger pastored for several years before being called to Cambodia. Deb is a teacher and has been serving in Cambodia since 2008. Roger and Deb have been serving together as a missionary couple since 2009.

About Cambodia

Cambodia is a fertile, forest-covered state of southwest Indochina on the Mekong River, but is among the poorest countries in the world, due to years of terrorism and civil war. Cambodia is less than 2% Christian, and it is commonly said that to be Cambodian is to be Buddhist.

Spiritual Strongholds

  • Fear and superstition
  • Idol worship
  • Poverty
  • Prayer Needs

  • More laborers to multiply the work of church planting.
  • Open doors to minister to teachers in young professionals.
  • Courage for believers to share the Gospel.
  • Start of a Bible school to equip Cambodian church planters.
  • For more information on Cambodia, please visit http://www.operationworld.org/camb.

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