Our goal is to create fun and engaging environments where students are encouraged to live Christ-centered lives. Events and services are all designed to help students fall in love with God, make friends, serve others, and share their story.

Our passion is to help your family have Christ-centered homes and to be equipped to be your student’s primary spiritual leaders.

We hope to see you and your students at our weekly worship gatherings and special events.

Sunday Service

Each Sunday, we have an on-campus Life Group that provides an interactive teaching environment. We present God’s Word while providing opportunity for discussion.

We continue to build community by sitting together in the Sanctuary during the 11am service. Look for us sitting in the front pews at the far left side of the Sanctuary.

Room 323 (The Loft)
Leader Allon Sparks

The Sanctuary


9:30am, Room 323 (The Loft)

11am, The Sanctuary


7pm, Room 323 (The Loft)

First-time guests?
We have snacks available for purchase for 5o cents in the Café before and after service. Students can also enjoy a game room to play pool, foosball, air hockey, Ping-Pong, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and old school arcade games.

Wednesday Service

Wednesday Worship Service are led by a band of High School and College students followed by a relevant life teaching. Students then break into more comfortable smaller groups to explore the teaching further while building lasting friendships.

    • 7pm


    • Room 323 (The Loft)


    Allon Sparks

Daily Discipleship

Developing a Christ-centered life requires more than just attending a church service. We encourage you and your student to spend time getting to know God personally by reading The Bible and having a conversation with Him (prayer) at least once each and every day.

Receive extra encouragement during the weekday. Pastor Ryan sends out an inspiring Bible verse. Think about it and be strengthened throughout the day.

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Special Events

Join us for some serious large group fun throughout the year.

Paint Ball

Snow Tubing

Got a need for some snowy speed? Join HS@N for snow tubing at Snow Mountain on Saturday, January 19 at 9am. to 1pm. The cost is only $30 and includes snow tubing and lunch. For more information contact students@mountparannorth.com




Believer’s baptism is an outward sign of an inward change which happens when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Ready to share your story and celebrate with others?

Learn about how to be baptized at North.

Ways to Serve

We have seasons where we are short on volunteers or need extra support for special events. We see benefits to parent and youth alike when you volunteer to serve at least once every 4-6 weeks.

Roles for Youth

      • Café
      • Guest Services
      • Media
      • Quest Jr.

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Roles for Adults
We are seeking mentors for our young people. If you consider yourself blessed for having had a strong role model to look up to, consider being one yourself to the next generation.

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Important: A background check is performed on anyone working with people under 18.

Ministry Team

Allon Sparks

High School and College Pastor

Carlos Rising

Student Worship Pastor

Stacey Mayes

Student Ministry Assistant

“I can do all things through him who gives me strength.”

— Philippians 4:13