New Community, Interest, Wednesday Night, and Women’s groups will start back in the Fall.

Sunday Morning Discipleship Group

Sunday morning offers many opportunities to learn about God’s Word in a lecture-based, class-style format. It’s a great opportunity to get started meeting your neighbors in comfortable, larger-group setting.

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS | This group provides an opportunity for high school students to encourage one another and learn together in a casual environment. Leader: Pastor Allon Sparks | 9:30am • Room 322 – The Loft

ENCOURAGERS | This traditional Sunday school class is designed for individuals 60 and up. We study the word, pray for one another, and share in fellowship. Leader: Bob Plowman | 9:30am • Room 126

LIFELINE | This class helps individuals in their 40’s and 50’s expand their view of Scripture. It includes lots of laughter, fellowship, and great food. Leader: Pastor David Lewis | 9:30am • Room 225

GOING DEEPER | This group consists of multi-generational adults. Their focus is on Bible study as it is relevant for our world today. The class is designed for discussion, as we share life experiences and encourage one another in spiritual growth. Leader: Rodney Lesmez | 9:30am • Room 224A

JOURNEY TOGETHER | Journey Together is made up of individuals at different stages in life (20’s to 50’s). They focus on going deeper into the Bible together. Leaders: Pastor Justin Walker; Will & Amanda Guzman | 9:30am • Room 223

NEVER ALONE | This group is designed to support parents, grandparents, & caregivers of family members with additional needs. Exhausted? Need support while caring for a family member with special or chronic medical needs? If yes, then join us. Leaders: Chad & Misha Johns | 9:30am • Room 215

OVERCOMERS | This multi-generational group of adults is focused on living as “overcomers” through relationship with God. The class features in-depth teachings which vary in expository and topical styles. Leaders: Mark & Stacey Crayton | 9:30am • Room 220

REAL ISSUES, REAL ANSWERS | Focuses on various modern issues, what the Bible says, and how it brings answers. Leaders: Tony Werner, Ron Campbell; Teachers: Joe and Shirley Broussard | 9:30am • Room 122

REFLECTORS | This multi-generational class is led by the gifted teaching of Thelma Rogers. Our focus is on in-depth Bible teaching, discussion, and prayer. Leader: Thelma Rogers | 9:30am • Room 227

SINGLE PURPOSE | This class is primarily (but not solely) for singles age 40 and over. Our topics include: who we are in Christ, prayer, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and more. Leaders: Ken & Sue Acree | 9:30am • Room 221

KNOWING GOD | This Sunday morning group focuses on knowing more about God and who He is in our lives. Leaders: Leena Fox; Don Hutchins | 11am • Room 224 B

NEVER ALONE | Are you a parent, grandparent, or caregiver of a family member with additional needs?  Do you need support while caring for someone with special or chronic medical needs? If so, then please join the NEVER ALONE Life Group | 9:30 am • Room 215