Life Groups at North align with all four pillars of Our Vision. The focus of Life Groups is Loving and Learning, Investing and Inviting, Fellowship and Friendships, Encouraging and Evangelism.

Groups meet throughout the month in various locations around our community.

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Goodroe Community Life Group

We encourage you to try several groups, and even switch it up from time to time, to continue to build community and grow personally.

Sunday Morning Discipleship Groups

Sunday morning offers many opportunities to learn about God’s Word in a lecture-based, class-style format. It’s a great opportunity to get started meeting your neighbors in comfortable, larger-group setting.

  • Men’s Bible Study (Conrad)

    Men (all ages)
    Sun 8am, Room 217

  • Encouragers (Plowman)

    Adults (65+)
    Sun 9:30am, Room 126

  • Lifeline (Lewis)

    Adults (40’s and 50’s)
    Sun 9:30am, Room 225

  • Going Deeper (Lesmez)

    Adults (all ages)
    Sun 9:30am, Room 223

  • Journey Together (Guzman)

    Adults (20’s – 50’s)
    Sun 9:30am, Room 224AB

  • Overcomers (Crayton)

    Adults (all ages)
    Sun 9:30am, Room 220

  • Real Life (Broussard)

    Adults (50+)
    Sun 9:30am, Room 122

  • Reflectors (T Rogers)

    Adults (all ages)
    Sun 9:30am, Room 227

  • Single Purpose (Acree)

    Singles (40+)
    Sun 9:30am, Room 221

  • Knowing God (Fox)

    Adults (all ages)
    Sun 11am, Room 223

Wednesday Evening Discipleship Groups

A Wednesday night class can really help you recharge your battery during a hectic week. Take time to focus on God while being uplifted by your Christian community.

  • The Best Yes

    Women (all ages)
    Wed. 7pm, Room 221

  • Mind of Christ

    Wed. 7pm, Room 126

  • Heart of Man

    Men (all ages)
    Wed. 7pm, Room 227

  • Cross of Christ

    Wed. 7pm, Watkins Chapel

  • Eschatology – Part 2 (McMenamin)

    Adults (all ages)
    Wed 7pm, Room 122

  • Face to Face Encounters With Jesus (T Rogers)

    Adults (all ages)
    Wed 7pm, Room 220 A/B

  • Sit, Walk and Stand (Rodriguez)

    Women (all ages)
    Wed. 7pm, Room 223

Community Life Groups

We know tremendous growth comes in a believer’s life when they build friendships in small groups (~12 people)—exploring God’s Word, praying and caring for one another, and simply enjoying life together.

  • Muller

    Adults (50’s-70s)
    2nd Sat. 6pm, West Cobb Area

  • Sparks

    Families/Couples Group
    2nd and 4th Sun. 5:30pm, Room 321

  • Gary and Lauryn Jones

    Adults (all ages)
    Sun (1st / 3rd), 5:30pm, Marietta

  • Justin and Amanda Walker

    Adults (20’s – 30’s)
    Sun (1st / 3rd) 6pm, Room 225

  • Discerning the Voice of God (Holloway)

    Women (all ages)
    Thurs. 9:30am, Chapel

  • West Cobb Women’s Group (Powell)

    Women (all ages)
    Sun (1st / 3rd) 5pm, West Cobb

  • Young Families (Guzman)

    Young Families
    Sun (2nd / 4th week) 5:30pm, Room 224

  • Families (Joiner)

    Sun (2nd / 4th) 6pm, Marietta

  • Unashamed (Williams)

    Women (all ages)
    Thurs. 9:30am, Room 122

  • Families (Mayes)

    Families (20’s – 50’s)
    Sun (2nd / 4th week) 5:30pm, Chapel

  • Young Singles (Rossi)

    Singles (20’s – 30’s)
    Sun (2nd / 4th) 12:30pm, Marietta

  • Sit, Walk and Stand (Rodriguez)

    Women (all ages)
    Wed. 7pm, Room 223

  • Men’s Group (Bjorkland)

    Men (all ages)
    Mon (1st / 3rd week) 7pm, Room 221

  • Joyful Hearts (Mack)

    Women (Widows)
    Mon (2nd week) 12pm, Chapel

  • Angela Marcotte

    Women (all ages)
    Mon (2nd / 4th) 6:30pm, Room 123

  • The Best Yes (Firesheets)

    Women (all ages)
    Wed. 7pm, Room 221

  • Living Free (Michaels)

    Women (all ages)
    Tue 8pm, Online

  • John Kenney

    Adults (60’s and 70’s)
    Tue 7:30pm, Cartersville

  • Breaktime for Moms (Banks)

    Women (young moms)
    Thur 9:30am, Room 122

  • She’s Still There (Williams)

    Women (all ages)
    Tues. 8:30pm, Online

  • One In A Million (Wilburn)

    Women (all ages)
    Mon. 7pm, Room 126

  • College-aged Adults

    Thur (1st / 3rd week) 7pm, Kennesaw

  • Jim and Jeanne Eley

    Adults (all ages)
    Fri (2nd / 4th week) 7pm, Kennesaw/Marietta

  • Jerry and Julie Plaut

    Adults (50’s – 60’s)
    Sat (1st week) 6pm, Kennesaw

  • Women of Power (Heffner)

    Women (all ages)
    Sat (1st / 3rd week) 11am, Woodstock/Roswell

Lead a Group

Have a love and knowledge of God’s word along with a passion in your heart to help others grow in their knowledge of Jesus? We are looking for strong teachers with caring hearts who are comfortable facilitating discussions and getting their participants involved.

We encourage you to join with a partner to share the leadership responsibilities in the group. If this is your first time, we can assist in setting you up in an apprentice-type partnership with a seasoned leader to help get you started.

    Community Group Leader – Facilitate a small group (~12 people).

      Day/time is selected based on your availability. Groups typically meet 1-2 times a month.

    Discipleship Life Group Leader – Facilitate a larger group (~40 people) who meet on a weekly basis to focus on a specific study.

      Sunday during the 9:30 or 11am service.
      Wednesday from 7-8:30pm.

Group Leader Support

Need Resources?

If you are a Life Group Leader and interested in study resources, explore available lesson options (PDF).

If you would like to use a resources, please contact us.

Request a Resource

Ministry Team

Jon Rogers

Discipleship Pastor, Men's Ministry Director

Linda Kesting

Discipleship Assistant

“The word of God is living and active. It is sharper than any sword that has two edges. It cuts deep enough to separate soul from spirit. It can separate joints from bones. It judges the thoughts and purposes of the heart.”

— Hebrews 4:12